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My Theory on Clara! (UPDATED April 8th) by who-lligan.tumblr.com

We know Oswin was a Dalek…


And we assume she died…


But what if she didn’t? What if she lived and eventually went insane and became the Dalek Emperor? The one at the Game Station.


And then Rose Bad Wolfed her ass.


But because she was Rose…


When she did this to the Emperor…image

She also did this…


And this…


And because she knew this…


…knowing everything as The Bad Wolf, knew she couldn’t always be with the Doctor, and she knew that The Emperor, Clara Oswin Oswald, was once good…had once helped the Doctor. So Rose sent Clara to places in time where she could help the Doctor when Rose could no longer be with him.

Like  here…


And here…


Rose sent Clara throughout Time and Space so the Doctor wouldn’t be alone.

She knew the Emperor Dalek had been Oswin Oswald, and that she had been good and had helped The Doctor, and wanted to both help The Doctor and give the girl a second chance. 

Rose isn’t Clara’s mother…but she IS responsible for her creation, which is why we are being given so many hints back to Rose.

ohmygod I think I’ve actually solved it. 

Following Updates added April 8th:

Facts Supporting this Theory, mostly noticed by other whovians, but that helped me developed or have since strengthened my theory…

  • The Tenth Doctor told Jack Harkness that he was impossible because of what Rose did to him as the Bad Wolf. The Eleventh Doctor keeps referring to Clara Oswin Oswald as not being possible. Additionally, the TARDIS has something against both Jack and Clara (See Here). 
  • Presence of Roses around all three Clara Oswin Oswalds
  • image
  • Date on the headstone of Clara’s mother, 5th March 2005, was the same day that Rose met the Doctor (See Here).
  • Clues that the hand of Bad Wolf/Rose Tyler might have been directing things around Clara Oswald’s life, including:
  1. Clara’s mother saving her father from a car that looked remarkably like the one that killed Rose’s father (See Here)
  2. The leaf of fate being from a Norway Maple (See Here)
  3. The TARDIS phone number being given to Clara by a girl in a shop

If you see any issues with this, or have any questions, throw them in my ask! But please go check the Clara Theory Asks section first to make sure it wasn’t answered already. Thanks!

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